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Product Line Design

Whether you are starting up a new business or shifting or revamping an existing operation, AES can help you get your Production Line right first time.

Our expert advice will help ensure that your proposed premises, choice of machines and Production Line lay-out allow you to achieve the maximum efficiencies.

Your Premises

We can assess your proposed premises and advise you whether they are suitable for your operation's requirements. We will inform you of any limitations the premises may impose on your Production Line and advise you of the costs and feasibility of relocating any existing equipment, such as Ovens.

Your Equipment

Our loyal clients rely on our advice to make decisions regarding the purchase of their new and second-hand Plant and equipment. We know what is available, what works and whether it will work for your business.

At AES, we can take care of all of your equipment needs, including:

  • Assessing second-hand equipment to advise you on the condition and cost of any repairs or overhauls required so that you can decide if it is viable to purchase
  • Removing plant from your existing premiese
  • Organising freight of machinery
  • Installing equipment in your new premises

Your Production Line

We will meet with you to discuss your proposed operation and produce a written report, costing, and a proposed layout for maximising the capacity of your production operation. Whether you are moving your product via Conveyor Belt, wrapping by hand, or using a Flow Wrapper, there are always ways to optimise your process flows and save on costs.

Contact us for help with the design of your Production Line.

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