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Machines Overview

Whether you are producing fresh baked or frozen goods, Seafood, Meat or Poultry, AES can help you get the machinery you need to improve your production line's efficiency. At AES, we currently fabricate a range of specialised machinery to suit many businesses within the Food Processing Industry, as well as offering a Design and Build Service for more unique situations. In addition we can assess and recondition Second-hand machinery or customise your existing equipment to meet your requirements. We also offer a lease option on some equipment. At AES, we will assist you to select the right machinery for your situation and we will install and commission both new and used equipment. We will also train your operators and show them how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

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AES Versacut

The AES Versacut Fudge and Confectionery Cutter is designed specifically to cut Fudge when it is in slab form. Fully fabricated in stainless steel, the Versacut is a safe, effective machine that will improve both your operation's output and the quality of your product. Important features of the Versacut include the following:

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AES Multicut

The Multicut is a specially designed two-way Slice Cutter for Slice, Cake and Sponge. The patented cutting mechanism, which offers a choice of grid patterns, is unique. Manufactured in high-grade stainless steel, the Multicut offers the following features:

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AES Rotary Table

The AES Rotary Table improves the efficiency of your Packing Line by eliminating bottlenecks caused by packing onto static tables. Effective and simple to use, this rotating table offers the following features:

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AES have manufactured a diverse range of depositors for customers in our last 10 years of business.  We have the knowledge to design and build a depositor to suit any requirements and specifications.  We're more than happy to talk to you about any depositor needs you have. 

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