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Our Maintenance Plans

AES offers a convenient, high-quality Maintenance Service for small to medium sized operations within the Food Processing Industry.

Our trade-qualified service Engineers have extensive knowledge of a broad range of machinery used within the industry including:

  • Band ovens
  • Flow Wrappers
  • Pastry processing equipment
  • Inline and batch systems
  • Mixing Equipment
  • Vacumn Packers

We will work with you to design a Maintenance Plan to suit the needs of your particular business and which meets the maintenance requirements of your equipment.

At each service, our Engineers will:

  • Service all equipment scheduled.
  • Provide a service report identifying work carried out.
  • Update your documentation to fulfil HCCP requirements.

At AES, we can not emphasise enough the importance of regular servicing to ensure your equipment is working as it was designed to. One striking example of this was a reduction in downtime from 18% to 6%, in three months, for one of our client's operations once we became involved in the maintenance of their machinery.

In addition to keeping your machinery functioning at its optimum level of efficiency, scheduled maintenance is important for safety reasons. A lack of maintenance can cause machines to become unsafe and put your employees at risk of a serious injury.

Contact us to discuss your equipment maintenance requirements.

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